December? Or Year Round?

December? Or Year Round?

An article I recently read, noted that Christmas is only ten months away.  It then proceeded to go into the reasons we all need to hurry up and get on top of our holiday shopping…because ten months is not actually that far away. Seriously? It feels like yesterday that we took down the holiday decorations and put Christmas behind us. Yet, there are numerous people out there encouraging us to focus (already) on gathering holiday gifts for our friends and relatives.

I suppose it got me thinking…do I really need to start shopping again?  Should I truly be scoping out the latest deals and following the sales right to my Christmas list? 

I cannot say that I fell right into this hype. Instead, I figured I would spend a little time when I was out and about, truly looking for good deals for gifts that could be used during the holidays. I figured that if I was able to actually find things worth purchasing…things that didn’t dent my wallet…there might be something to this whole “get to shopping” for the holidays.

This is what I learned. First and foremost, there are always deals and sales. Yes, sales and deals appear to grab us during the holidays…but they also grab us for the spring, summer, fall, Fourth of July, etc. Second, when you aren’t actively seeking a gift…they seem much easier to find. I seem to spend countless hours right before the holidays, trying to figure out what in the world to get my mother, my girlfriend, my aunts. Yet, without the Christmas pressure, I found it much easier to snatch up great little gifts for the people I care about.

Moral of the story…I’m joining this bandwagon. Christmas shopping in February. I hope that as December rolls around, I will have the luxury of kicking back and enjoying the holidays…without the exhaustion of shopping.