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Instead of a Gift, Donate to Charity

As Americans, most of us have it better than we really know.  When you compare your situation to someone in a third world country whose daily struggle involves finding suitable food and water for their family, not getting that iPod for Christmas really seems like less of a big deal.  There are some people right here in our own country, however, who may be better able to relate to that struggling third world family.  With our changing economy, more people than ever are finding a new struggle – to provide their children with the basic necessities, and never mind the optional stuff, like Christmas gifts.

So this Christmas, instead of worrying over finding the right MP3 player or latest new toy for your family, consider starting a new tradition, one whose results will stay with your children far longer than that talking dinosaur or video game will.  For every person you would buying a gift, choose instead to donate a certain amount to charity. 

It might not be such an exciting gift to open on Christmas day, at least not for your family, but imagine how delightful it would be for a mother who couldn’t afford to buy gifts to suddenly find a gift or money to give her kids what she only wished she could provide.

Christmas used to be about a person that encompassed the values we seem all too eager to leave behind.  Let this year be the year you shift your values and inspire your children to reach for something that may be less tangible but far more real than a traditional gift.  This year, let your gift truly be about generosity and caring.