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Artificial Trees: Lights or No Lights?

If you are shopping for an artificial Christmas tree this year, one of the main decisions you will make is whether or not to buy a lit tree.  In the past, Christmas lights were not very sturdy so most people opted – wisely – for an unlit tree.  It is much easier to replace a string of lights than to troubleshoot a string on a pre-lit tree.  Now, lights last much longer and getting a pre-lit tree is a viable option.

Advantages to Pre-Lit Trees
My favorite thing about having a pre-lit tree is that I don’t have to spend the extra time stringing the lights.  They are always in the right place and they look fantastic.  Our current tree is on its second Christmas and the soft glow of the white lights really adds a nice dimension to the tree.  You also don’t have to worry about untangling masses of cords each year when it is time to decorate.

Disadvantages to Pre-Lit Trees
If you ever want to change your mind about the color of your lights, you will need to either manually replace each and every bulb or replace your entire tree.  Also, it can be more difficult to fix lights that don’t work on a pre-lit tree.  While you can choose not to turn on your lights, you can’t uninstall them and will have to deal with cords hanging down.

We have had both unlit and pre-lit Christmas trees, and I am a big fan of the pre-lit variety now.  They are so much easier to deal with, and the lights seem to hold up better because they are stored more securely within the padding of the branches.