Time to Grade Your Christmas Gift Giving

Time to Grade Your Christmas Gift Giving

As the season winds down but is still fresh in our minds, now is the perfect to time to evaluate this year’s gift giving successes and failures.  It is never too early to begin planning for next Christmas, so by taking a few minutes to think over how your gifts were received, you can plan for an even better gift giving season next year.

How well did you stay within your gift budget this year?  If you went over, perhaps you could start now for next year and try to shop only during sales to make the most of your gift giving money.  If you were well below your budget, you are probably already doing a great job and should adjust that number downward for next year.

Happiness Factor
Did you do a good job of getting people what they wanted?  If not, you can use that as an excuse to stay in better touch this year.  The more time you spend talking with your intended recipients, the better you will know them and know what gifts they would appreciate most.

How stressful was shopping this year?  Did you put it off until the last minute or get it done early?  Make necessary adjustments for the next holiday season to avoid making it into a stressful ordeal you would be glad to see the end of.

Christmas should be an enjoyable time, and the focus should be on family and the real reason for the season.  When you take time to evaluate and correct for next year, you get more time to spend enjoying your family and friends, and can worry less about making everything turn out right.