Survive More Than The Next Holiday

Survive More Than The Next Holiday

This past Christmas was filled with family, friends, good food and great memories. Gifts were shared with one another – some purchased, some made. All gifts have different meaning to each of us; we often make wish lists each year, even if only in our heads. We silently keep our fingers crossed that our loved ones pick up on our gift cues and wrap up one of those things we have jotted down on our wish list. Yet, at times, the best gifts we seem to get are those we least expect – those that have meaning or simply were created by sheer thoughtfulness.

Last Christmas, my cousin opted to make Christmas gifts for each of us in the family. Let me first begin by saying, he doesn’t typically get gifts for all of the family. We have a fairly large extended family, and it’s unrealistic to think that we can each get gifts for one another.  So, this was a pleasant surprise all together. He was in the military for years and has since retired. While enlisted, he learned to make paracord bracelets and shared this as a gift for each of us.

For those not aware of what these are, they are bracelets made from paracord – parachute cord.  The most interesting thing about paracord, is that it, outside of parachutes, has various uses: securing equipment, tourniqueting injuries, hanging food from bears while camping, lacing shoes, fishing lines, shelter, and many more. These bracelets are often referred to as survivor bracelets. On one hand, these bracelets can provide a fashionable accessory to match any outfit. Yet, on the other hand, if unraveled, they can be used for any of the above uses. Reality is, these bracelets can be used as the name suggests – survival.

Living in Colorado, outdoor activities have become a significant part of my life; camping, hiking, etc. This bracelet was given as a Christmas gift, yet may have various uses in my life from here on out.

You do not have to have a military background to make these bracelets; there are numerous websites online that show step by step instructions of how to make them. The paracord itself can be purchased at Army surplus stores or online websites. Learning how to make them, may give you an inexpensive yet meaningful gift to give those in your lives, next Christmas.