Slow down, enjoy the season

Slow down, enjoy the season

And for God’s sake, put that blow-up snowman away!

Why do we rush the seasons so insistently in America? International folks, I want to know if you do this, too. Do decorations and food ideas and other seasonally inappropriate items show up in shop windows a good two months before a holiday even begins?

Do you have Santas and candy canes adjacent to Halloween skulls and candy corn (or comparative October holidays) on your store shelves? Do stores begin playing Christmas tunes in early November, nearly two entire months prior to the holiday itself, rendering everyone crazy and hateful of such music by the time the holiday actually arrives?

Because that’s how we do it in America. My husband works in retail and comes home in Christmas glitter from whatever reindeer or snowman or glitterized decoration he had to unload that day. I have neighbors who still have Halloween decorations up—indeed, we still have one slowly decomposing jack o’lantern on our own front porch—while right next door, there is already an inflatable sled or snowman.

This is just messed up! Folks, stop rushing these holidays and enjoy what’s here while it’s here! Not only does it sadden me that we can’t live in the moment; it also just makes me sick and tired of Christmas before it even gets here.

And I love Christmas. I love Yule. I’m a hippie pagan happy-dance girl who loves hot chocolate and caroling and glitterific pine cones and watching It’s a Wonderful Life and the whole shebang. But this whole Western rush to get the holidays going and over with is a total buzz kill.