Santa Party Mix

Santa Party Mix

This Santa party mix looks so cool that even if it wasn’t edible, which it is, it would be Christmas necessity.  Snack mixes are a great addition to a Christmas party because they are easy to eat while you mingle.  Bring a mix with these awesome Santa hats, and you’ll have a conversation piece to go with your snack.

Made of just a few simple ingredients – caramel flavored Bugles, mini marshmallows, white sprinkles and red melting candy, these Santa hats look enough like the real deal to inspire the spirit of Christmas in just about anyone.

The recipe in the link is for a full-blown snack mix, in addition to a full tutorial on how to make the hats. 

The only downside to this mix is the time involved.  Each Bugle must get individual attention and handling, so if your party is very large, you might want to think of a less time intensive snack to bring, or you could be making Santa hats for days on end.

If you decide to go all out and make the snack mix too, the ingredients are simple: pretzels, craisins, peanuts, Chex, M&M’s and white chocolate for coating.  The snack mix itself sounds delicious, so if you find yourself short on time, take the mix and ditch the hats.  You could include the Bugles too, without dressing them up, for a sweet and salty extra in the mix.

If you can plan ahead, I imagine the Bugles would freeze well, but I recommend leaving off the marshmallow until you are ready to mix and serve.

If you are looking for a festive, unique snack mix for a holiday party, this Santa mix is definitely a winner.