Holiday gift guide for your grandpa

Holiday gift guide for your grandpa

Gift ideas for your special grandpa.

Grandpas are special people. They tell interesting stories. They are supportive and have a lot of experience in many areas of life. They are people you can come to listen to your problems and offer words of encouragement.

They also offer you unconditional love and a hug when you need one. For these reasons and more, it is important to honor them with some nice gifts during those special holidays. Yet, what do you buy? It may seem like grandpa has everything he wants or could want.

First, take a breath and think about your own grandpa. Don’t think about that generalized idea of what a grandpa is. This means you don’t have to buy him a robe, a pipe or a pair of slippers for every holiday. What it does mean is that you need to think about what he likes and where his interest lies.

Does grandpa have a favorite hobby? Does grandpa like to make wood carvings? Does grandpa like to paint pictures? Does grandpa like to spend time working on old cars? Could you buy any tools, accessories or other items that he can use while enjoying these hobbies?

Does grandpa have a favorite sports team? Would he enjoy any books or DVDs about this team?

Does grandpa need an update on his wardrobe? Is it time for him to wear a new sweater or a new coat? Would he be willing to be seen in some new clothes you pick for him?

Would grandpa enjoy a new electronic toy? Would he enjoy battling aliens on a PlayStation console or would he enjoy a new laptop so he can chat with his many grandchildren?

Finally, are there some treats that grandpa would enjoy? This can include such things as his favorite candies, cookies and nuts.

Purchase any of the items or a few of the items and you might just see a smile on grandpa’s face.