Holiday events are coming to town!

Holiday events are coming to town!

Keep your eyes peeled for local celebrations everywhere.

Now that Halloween is past us, businesses are turning their sights on the biggest money-making season of the year: Christmas time. It doesn't matter that our bellies haven't been overstuffed with the long-awaited Thanksgiving turkey, sales and merriment are already upon us.

With the push to really draw patrons in, local businesses all over the country are trying to beat out big stores' Black Friday sales and pre-season events by drawing families and downtown before Turkey Day. By hosting and sponsoring free holiday activities for parents to bring their kids to, they're giving back to the community while bringing in patrons. It's a win-win.

Check your local community calendars and newspapers for holiday events popping up in your community as well as surrounding areas. Many mom and pop brick and mortars participate in Christmas walks and local vendor shows that offer family friendly activities, from face painting and crafts to carriage rides and games. Often, local musicians, bakers and artisans will also join in the fun, which brings a warm and fuzzy charm to the event.

The best part of these Christmas events is that they're usually free or cost next to nothing. Family time without a HUGE price tag isn't always easy to come by in any season, so enjoy it...and take lots of pictures. The kiddos adore the jump on the holiday fun and smaller businesses remind you that they're there and have a coziness and personable quality that big businesses will never be able to capture.