Give a Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Give a Mason Jar Sewing Kit

I’m a big fan of small, thoughtful homemade gifts for Christmas.  Nothing says “I care” more than a gift you took the time to make with your own hands.  Anyone can drop some cash at a retail store, but only those who really care will take the time to make something.  This sewing kit in a jar is a great idea for just about anyone, because we all need to make occasional repairs like replacing a button.  Best of all, you probably have or can easily get most of the components to make this, so it can be done for very little cost.

You can buy a mini sewing kit at many dollar stores or big box stores like Walmart, or you can put together your own by purchasing individual items.

Once you have the contents of the kit, you just need a Mason jar, fabric scrap, batting, glue gun, pencil and scissors.  In a pinch, you can use the contents of a dead stuffed animal instead of buying new batting.

You can expand on the idea of a sewing kit and make other small kits, or even specialty kits like a button repair kit.  Use a non-breakable container and make a note kit to put in the car.  The only limit is your imagination.

These would make great gifts for office Christmas parties, or you can use them for birthday gifts as well.  When you have time, make one or two of these up and stick them in a designated gift drawer to pull out when you need one.