The Big Day is Almost Here!

The Big Day is Almost Here!

If you are a fan of Christmas, everything has been leading up to this week.  All of the decorations, baking, shopping and anticipation are finally about to see their glory day.  Am I the only one who is getting excited?

For many people, the Christmas season is exhausting, and with good reason.  There are celebrations to be had, preparations to make, and all of those gifts to wrap and give out.  Along with that exhaustion, however, is a joy that just cannot be found at any other time of year.

While Christmas has become a very commercialized holiday, and many people probably don’t often stop to think of the real reason behind it, there will always be that element of charity and giving that makes Christmas the favorite holiday for many people.  The best parts of Christmas – the giving, spending time with family, and slowing down for just a little bit, are things we should try to emulate all year round.

This year, our personal Christmas is extra special, because we welcomed a new member to our family last week.  Our third child, a girl, was born last week and this will probably remain my favorite Christmas ever.  Our preparations are incomplete, not a single present is wrapped, and the family gift baskets aren’t even close to ready, but there is a perpetual smile on my face and a lightness in my heart that no holiday stress can take away.

Merry Christmas, fellow Christmas lovers!  May the joy of this season stay with you for the rest of the year.