…And It's Over

…And It's Over

After 365 days of waiting, the big event has come and gone.  While Christmas is one of the highlights of the year, I am sure many of us are breathing a sigh of relief that it’s over again for the year.  Christmas takes a lot of energy, but it sure is worth the time spent with family and loved ones, and the joy and anticipation that comes around every fall.

How did your Christmas measure up to your expectations this year?  Did you get to see the family and friends you wanted to see?  For me, being able to share the joy of Christmas with my young kids was worth all of the exhaustion afterward.  My oldest is four, so he is just beginning to understand the concept of Christmas.

We had a lot of fun counting down toward the big day, and spending time with all of our family.  I hope the kids grow up with a strong sense of the importance of family, and holidays like Christmas are a great time to expand on that feeling.

Each year, as my children grow, so too does my enjoyment of Christmas.  I love seeing it unfold from their perspective, and sharing in their joy at the little things we adults take for granted, like how beautiful the sparkle is in a string of garland, or the glittering lights against an icy background outside.

I am glad Christmas is over, but I am already looking forward to how much fun my kids will have next Christmas. 

I hope your Christmas celebration was everything you hoped for.